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" Alexander Graham Bell in Baddeck" Comprehension Questions . What invention is Alexander Graham Bell most famous for? What kind of educator did Alexander Graham. ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL c. Use a dictionary to answer questions regarding meaning and usage of. Alexander Graham Bell b. Reading Comprehension and Response Alexander Graham Bell Reading Comprehension . Latest News. New Stuff; Improvements 1-6-2013; MrNussbaum Android App Store Full of Cheap APPS! 1 Alexander Graham Bell was one of the very early pioneers in the field of telecommunications. 2 Telecommunications means communicating over a long distance. Understanding the Reading Process: SQ3R and Alexander Graham Bell . YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.. Reading Passage and Comprehension Questions : Literacy-Building Booklet:. The Solution to Reading Comprehension . Lessons & Units.. Alexander Graham Bell Passage & Question Set. User Comments. Post new comment. Your name: * Comment: * In this reading comprehension worksheet, students read a short passage about Alexander Graham Bell , then answer 4 multiple choice questions . Answers are included. Read an informational article about Alexander Graham Bell and answer comprehension questions . Students will answer comprehension questions about main idea, supporting. Alexander Graham Bell was one amazing guy. Without him, telecom wouldn't exist -- but Bell did a lot more in his life than simply invent the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell (3 March 1847 - 2 August 1922) was a Scottish scientist, inventor and innovator. Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, he emigrated to Canada.